• Focus

    With Focus™, oxygen patients can be more mobile without having to carry burdensome extra system weight. The pulse flow setting of 2 gives O2 patients the ability to ambulate like never before.

    The FAA-approved Focus makes its own oxygen on demand and provides the solution to the most common issue of finding an oxygen system that a patient can carry – and even makes them feel good about carrying it.

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  • Atlasin and Weinmann sign an exclusive contract

    Atlasin has signed a contract with Weinmann to be exclusive represntative of Homecare Products in Iran territory. In order to diversify our respiratory products, we reach to agreement with Weinmann to sell thier Homecare product in Iran.

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Mechanical Ventilation for COPD

This brochure explains the underlying disorders in respiratory mechanics in cases of COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) with emphysemic components and the difficulties those disorders present for spontaneous breathing and mechanical ventilation.

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Oxygen, The stuff that makes life possible

You are one of many people under a doctor’s care for a disease of the respiratory system. You certainly have questions about your treatment, the devices used and the effectiveness of the oxygen that you inhale with their help.

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I need my sleep

Sleep is as important as food and drink. Only a regular sleep-wake cycle keeps us physically and mentally fit over the long term. But nowadays our hectic lifestyle and its pressure on us to perform hardly allow us to relax.

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