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With long experience in On Site gas generator, Atlasin supply Oxygen and Nitrogen PSA system from renowned manufacturer for different application.


Oxygen and Nitrogen generators can produce these two gases on site; they have numerous applications in industries.
Standard models of oxygen generator plants with production capacity of 3 liters per minutes and up to 4 tons per day and customized models of up to 70 tons per day are offered by this company the major utilization of which in industries are as follows:
Steel furnace, metal production process, cutting and heat treatment, cement industries and oxidation processes, paper and cardboard production industry, glass and pharmaceutical industries
Nitrogen generators are offered with different capacities of up to 2000 cubic meter per hour, which have wide applications in various industries including metallurgy, pharmaceutical, foodstuff and electronic industries

Water Treatment and Agricultural:

One of the main applications of PSA oxygen generators is in ozone generators and water treatment systems. Since such generators need oxygen with low pressures, therefore utilization of PSA generators is the best and most appropriate solution.
The other application is fish farming which are located in remote areas and outside the cities, therefore PSA oxygen generators are the most suitable means of provision of oxygen for these sectors as well.