Oxygen Concentrator - AirSep Corporation 

AirSep Corporation manufactures the largest variety of field-proven, reliable oxygen concentrators in the world. These concentrators provide dependable service in home, hospital, and clinical settings with unique and exclusive features. All AirSep oxygen concentrators are used by oxygen patients to meet their therapeutic needs in more than 100 countries around the globe. Atlasin is Exclusive Representative of Airsep in Iran territory since 1991 and already sold more than 5000 oxygen concentrator for patient in all around Iran

Oxygen therapy is the administration of oxygen as a medical intervention, which can be for a variety of purposes in both chronic and acute patient care. Oxygen is essential for cell metabolism, and in turn, tissue oxygenation is essential for all normal physiological functions.
High blood and tissue levels of oxygen can be helpful or damaging, depending on circumstances and oxygen therapy should be used to benefit the patient by increasing the supply of oxygen to the lungs and thereby increasing the availability of oxygen to the body tissues, especially when the patient is suffering from hypoxia and/or hypoxaemia.