Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Haux-Life-Support Gmbh

Atlasin is exlusive representative of Haux Life-Support in Iran to promote and sell Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy devices

The interest in clinical andambulant use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy is growing fast and continuously. Forthat reason, more than 500 medical chamber systems of the HAUX-STARMED-serieshave been set in operation worldwide over the last few years.

No matter if one-person chamber HAUX-OXYSTAR series, more persons chamber-systems HAUX-STARMED in cylindrical construction, or HAUX-QUADRO in rectangle construction, together with Haux customer Haux will design the optimal system-solution.

Based on many years of experience within the hyperbaric oxygen therapy and Haux intensive collaboration with their customers, Haux even know about the smallest detail of the construction and equipment of a hyperbaric chamber-system.

Comfort next to easy handling has got the highest priority after system-safety.With the modular HAUX-system it is possible to create a medical-, technical-and cost-conception which fits to your special profile

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