Weinmann'sBest-Priced CPAP Therapy Device

Our therapy device CPAP20eoffers effective CPAP therapy and nights of restorative sleep. The CPAP20eis designed with user-friendliness and efficient operation in mind.

Noteworthy features of CPAP20e:



  • simple, proven three-buttonoperation

  • trouble-free cleaning

  • quiet

  • lightweight at only 1.25 kg

  • pressure constancy

  • use of standard hose

    Analysis and setting

  • Analysis of compliancedata with PC software WEINMANNsupport

  • Remotesetting with SOMNOadjust or WEINMANNsupport

  • Display oftotal therapy period and daily therapy session on device



  • Softstart function (five to 30minutes)

  • two-level filter system

  • automatic altitude adjustment

  • external power pack can be usedworldwide, 100 to 240 V

  • made mobile by optional DCadapter for 12 V or 24 V operation, which is also suitable for operation of humidifier

    Optionally available – humidifier CLICK 2:


  • attaches to therapy device witha simple "click"

  • 280-ml water capacity

  • six-level setting on therapydevice

  • easy to clean

  • Hygiene concept forreconditioning at patient change



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