CPAP Therapy with softPAP and OPP Technology

The CPAP therapy device SOMNOsoft 2e effectively treats Obstructive Sleep Apnea. The intelligent pressure relief softPAP assists sensitive patients who have trouble exhaling against high CPAP pressure. The graphic presentation of obstrucive and central events, which are reliably distinguished by OPP technology, gives the treating physician ideal input for diagnoses and therapy decisions. Work processes are significantly optimized with use of the SD card.


Noteworthy features of SOMNOsoft 2e:

Comfortable therapie

  • Extremely quiet
  • With the intelligent pressure relief softPAP
  • Softstart and automatic ON/ON functions

Convenient operation

  • SD card for optimized work processes:
    • Easy data transfer for therapy monitoring and compliance data
    • Simple first-time device configuration
    • With therapy diary for patient – requires no additional software
    • Practical device setting with the help of master card 
  • Extensive statistical data clearly presented
  • User-friendly patient information menu
  • Convenient remote setting with SOMNOadjust or PC software WEINMANNsupport
  • Additional analog signals for PSG feed: pressure, flow, leakage, OPP, relative respiratory minute volume


  • OPP technology (Obstructive Pressure Peak) distinguishes
  • central and obstructive apnea for greatest therapy effectiveness and provides solid basis for decisions by doctor
  • Mask test ensures a comfortable and secure fit of the mask
  • Qualitative leakage display during therapy – to ensure
  • effectiveness



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