Sleep Therapy Devices - SOMNOvent auto-S

The Intelligent Combination of Automatic BiLevel S Therapy and autoCPAP

SOMNOvent auto-S is the first sleep therapy device on the market that combines the complete BiLevel S therapy spectrum with the advantages of autoCPAP. Titration and setting processes are minimized by the autoTriLevel principle.

Additionally a limited backup frequency ensures an adequate ventilation support according to the patient’s need in order to prevent apneas. WMtrak,  a comfortable and natural breathing sensation under safe and efficient operating conditions. All these features combine to achieve a fast therapy success and to improve patient compliance

Noteworthy features of SOMNOvent auto-S:

Therapy comfort

  • Automatic BiLevel S therapy combined with the advantage of autoCPAP (= autoTriLevel)
  • Fast therapy success thanks to three pressure
  • levels that automatically adjust to the patients needs (IPAP, EPAP, EEPAP) 
    • Automatic regulation of end-expiratory pressure level EEPAP to eliminate obstructive events (= autoCPAP). 
    • The automatic adjustment of ΔIPAP / EPAP (PDIFF) ensures goal-oriented ventilation in phases with increased need of ventilation.
  • WMtrak, sensitive automatic trigger technology for natural breathing sensation.
  • Extremely quiet
  • Comfortable with Softstart and automatic ON/OFF switch

Convenient operation

  • Convenient remote setting with SOMNOadjust or PC software WEINMANNsupport
  • Extensive statistical data clearly presented
  • Additional analog signals for PSG feed: flow, pressure, leakage, relative respiratory minute volume, respiratory status


  • Backup frequency can be set (6 - 10 1/min) for reliable response in event of apnea
  • Secure differentiation between obstructive and central events
  • Mask test and leakage visualization for check of mask air-tightness



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