Sleep Therapy Devices - SOMNOvent auto-ST

The World's First Automatic BiLevel Device with Goal-Oriented Therapy Setting

SOMNOvent auto-ST offers you maximum flexibility with BiLevel therapy. Our innovative operating concept based on goal-oriented therapy settings leads you to successful treatment in just a few steps. With the use of the sensitive trigger WMtrak and our autoTriLevel principle, you can achieve significant processing benefits in setting and titration procedures. Two innovative automatic backup frequencies ensure the needs-oriented ventilation of your patients and provide effective protection from apnea and desaturation – for greater safety, compliance and efficiency.

Noteworthy features of SOMNOvent auto-ST:

Therapy comfort

  • autoTriLevel principle: highest therapeutic effectiveness with three pressure levels (IPAP, EPAP and EEPAP) that automatically adjust to patient's needs.
  • WMtrak Technology: The automatic trigger technology by Weinmann ensures optimum synchronization between patient's breathing and device.
  • Comfortable with Softstart and Autostart

Operating convenience

  • Innovative operating concept based on goal-oriented therapy settings (Scopes)
    • Scope (therapy goal) SOFT: comfortable pressure relief for OSA patients with high pressure needs or central apnea
    • Scope (therapy goal) SUPP: protection from hypoventilation and desaturation with additional ventilatory support
    • Scope (therapy goal) CONT: maximum unloading of respiratory muscles by means of extensive breathing support
  • Extensive statistical data clearly presented
  • Convenient remote setting with SOMNOadjust or PC software WEINMANNsupport


  • Two innovative automatic backup frequencies specific to therapy goal for effective protection from desaturation:
    • Prio S (S = spontaneous) gently guides the patient into spontaneous breathing.
    • Prio T (T = timed) provides maximum unloading of respiratory muscles.
  • Mask test for a comfortable and secure fit of mask
  • Leakage display for simple visualization of leakage during therapy



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