Convincing Effectiveness

VENTImotion 2 is now even more versatile

More versatility with VENTImotion 2 ! That means more convenience and effectiveness for you with non-invasive, pressure-controlled ventilation.

Now with VENTImotion 2 you can increase inspiratory pressure up to 40 hPa – and thereby broaden your usage spectrum. The newly integrated TA mode (Timed Adaptive), which synchronizes the ventilator and the patient‘s breathing pattern, helps to reduce the patient‘s Work Of Breathing.

The proven combination of trigger lockout, exhalation monitoring AirTrap Control and expiratory ramp simplifies ventilation of COPD patients in particular. Thanks to the optimized regulation of tidal volume by means of volume compensation, VENTImotion 2 ensures a high degree of safety and stability.

Operating convenience

  • Intuitive navigation with rotary dial and direct access to the most important ventilation parameters
  • Softstart and Autostart
  • Numeric and graphic display of ventilation parameters
  • Compatible with accessories for the VENTI product line


  • Visual and acoustic alarms
  • Optional back-up power supply provided by external rechargeable battery VENTIpower for up to seven hours of operation
  • High flow of up to 300 liters/ min for pressure constancy and leakage compensation.
  • Weinmann Hygiene Concept complies with hygiene guidelines issued by Robert-Koch Institute.

More therapy comfort and convenience with our innovative features

  • TA mode (Timed adaptive)
    Controlled adaptive ventilation (TA mode) improves therapy compliance through optimized synchronization of ventilation with the patient‘s breathing pattern. The respiratory pump is effectively unloaded. The adaptive algorithm increases patient comfort and simplifies the setting process for the doctor.
  • Volume compensation
    Optimum safety and stability of tidal volume. Three different speeds can be set for an increase in tidal volume.
    Volume compensation automatically switches to precise regulation upon reaching a corridor around the targeted volume in order to achieve the most precise setting for targeted volume.

Particularly suitable for COPD patients

  • Trigger lockout
    Trigger lockout with high trigger sensitivity is effective protection from false triggering and trigger artefacts. This function ensures improved synchronization between patient and ventilator and thereby stabilizes the ventilation situation.
  • AirTrap Control
    AirTrap Control helps to prevent dynamic hyperinflation and makes it possible for VENTImotion 2 to automatically regulate to the best frequency and expiration time for each patient.
  • Exspiratory ramp
    The expiratory ramp is the temporary splint applied to the airways at the start of expiration to counteract an expiratory collapse. The expiratory flow remains higher on average, allowing the volume to be exhaled and the respiratory position to be lowered.



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