Sleep Therapy Devices - JOYCEeasy (Nasal & Full Face)

… is the intelligent choice. Nasal or Full Face. Simply easy.    

New all over: The delicate yet stable shape and fastening and setting elements on our new ventilation mask JOYCEeasy are designed for the simplest handling ever.

Intuitively simple use
In the nasal or full face variants, JOYCEeasy is easy to use and comfortable to wear. The intuitive use starts with adjustments made to the mask while it is on the patient.

Improved therapy compliance
JOYCEeasy also improves therapy compliance and the effectiveness of treatment. Several product tests have shown that we successfully optimized mask fit while minimizing the risk of leakage and pressure points.

Feelings of comfort 
The WEINMANN SilkTec coating on JOYCEeasy makes the mask particularly comfortable. The special silky-soft surface on the mask cushion and forehead cushion provides greater wearing comfort than conventional silicone products.

Simple use

  • Put on and take off mask with one hand
  • Headgear clips smoothly click into place [detail]
  • Improved, even simpler fitting
  • Hook-and-loop tabs and inner and outer sides of headgear are color-coded [detail] 

Simply comfortable

  • Forehead custion [detail] and mask cushion [detail] coated with Weinmann SilkTec increase wearing comfort 
  • The ball-and-socket joint lets patients move in every direction [detail] 
  • Quiet exhalation system [detail] 
  • Adjustable cross-band keeps mask from slipping out of place
  • Large and soft around nasal root [detail] 

Attention to detail

  • Enhanced fit reduces risk of leakage or pressure points to a minimum.
  • Tube anchoring strap decreases leverage on tube
  • Polyamide makes mask extremely robust



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