Sleep Therapy Devices - JOYCE Silk Gel (Nasal & Full Face)

Silky Soft Wearing Comfort: The SilkGel Masks in the JOYCE Family

JOYCE SilkGel is the gel variant of the proven masks in the JOYCE family. It is available as a nasal or a full face mask. The newest generation of our customizable masks is distinguished by its high degree of wearing comfort. The mask cushion and the forehead cushion have been given a high-quality coating called WEINMANN SilkTec. The smooth surface is soft and silky for guaranteed comfort. The gel forehead cushion and the headgear with optimized design add the perfect finishing touches to the SilkGel masks.

Noteworthy features of JOYCE SilkGel:

Operating ease and wearing comfort

  • Even greater wearing comfort, thanks to the highquality coating WEINMANN SilkTec: It ensures a silky soft feeling on the face and reduces shear force.
  • Extremely easy to clean because hardly anything (perspiration and the like) adheres to the smooth surface
  • For easy assembly the forehead cushion is fitted into pockets that  hold it in place.
  • Easy to manage headgear: The optimized design and the color-coded Velcro fasteners make the headgear even easier to handle.
  • Tube anchoring strap on the headgear as optional fastening option for device tube
  • Is delivered in a carton
  • Additional storage and transport bag
  • Single-layer mask cushion makes mask particularly hygienic
  • Simple to adjust, perfect fit
  • Only gel mask with ball-and-socket joint
  • Mask cushion and forehead cushion of gel
  • Many replacement parts available
  • Available in sizes S, M and L

Therapy convenience

  • All-around movable ball-and-socket joint for freedom of movement and a sure and stable mask fit
  • The very quiet exhalation system promotes restful sleep for patient and sleeping partner.
  • Unique modular design ensures a perfect fit as nearly all silicone and gel components can be combined with each other.
  • Pressure range of 4 to 40 mbar
  • The quick-release cord, which allows fast detachment of the mask, is optionally available for all JOYCE Full Face SilkGel masks.



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