Sleep Therapy Devices - JOYCE GEL (Nasal & Full Face)

The masks in our JOYCE family, available in silicone or gel variants, can be used by sleep apnea and ventilation patients. The perfect fit for every patient is made possible by the masks' modular design, which allows mixing and matching of silicone and gel parts. The ball-and-socket joint makes the mask even more comfortable by giving the patient more freedom of movement. Still another positive point is the very quiet exhalation system whose clever design protects both patient and bed partner from being disturbed by outward flowing air.

JOYCE GEL noteworthy features:

Therapy comfort

  • Ball-and socket joint for freedom of movement and a good mask fit
  • The very quiet exhalation system lets patient and his bed partner sleep soundly
  • Perfect fit for greater wearing comfort
  • Integrated pressure measurement port allows quick and simple pressure measurement at the mask
  • Small and lightweight to improve patient compliance
  • Skin-friendly materials (no latex) with textured surface that prevents sweating and allergic reactions
  • Optionally available with integrated exhalation system

Convenient use

  • Easy fitting procedure
  • Mask cushion attaches easily to mask when pressed with palm of hand
  • Many replacement parts available
  • Vented: elbow is transparent; non-vented: elbow is blue
  • Breathable headgear with practical clips, with your choice of HEADstrap or JOYCEstrap
  • Two-way adjustable forehead support, broad forehead cushion
  • Simple cleaning

Weinmanns gel masks

The gel variant of the ventilation masks is available for both the JOYCE nasal mask and the JOYCE Full Face. The newest generation of our custom assembly masks is distinguished by its high degree of wearing comfort. The "give" in the flexible seal makes it much easier to fit the mask to the patient's face. Use of our gel masks is trouble-free. The gel parts are easy to clean and, thanks to the interlaced gel structure, they are leakproof. Because the gel masks are compatible with all the silicone parts from other members of the JOYCE family, you can combine them in different sizes (S, M and L) for the perfect composition and fit for nearly every patient. Other benefits of the JOYCE gel masks are:

  • The only gel mask with a ball-and-socket joint
  • A sleeve of skin-friendly silicone with a gel filling
  • Mask seal and forehead cushion filled with gel
  • The single-layer mask seal is particularly hygienic
  • Exceptionally quiet



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