Sleep Therapy Devices - NP 15 Nasal Pillow Mask

Quiet, quieter, quietest – that's our nasal pillow mask NP 15. As the name tells you, its quietness is only 15 dB(A)*. That's like the sound of leaves rustling in the breeze. Thanks to the mask's two ball-and-socket joints and the tube-anchoring options, NP 15 guarantees unlimited freedom of movement without compromising on stability. The new mask sets the stage for restorative and healthy sleep.

* 15 dB(A) at a pressure of 10 hPa

Top features of NP 15:

Therapy comfort

  • The quietest nasal pillow mask
  • Has two ball-and-socket joints:
    • one ball-and-socket joint on the mask body allows unlimited freedom of movement.
    • the second ball-and-socket joint between mask and device hose ensures a stable, non-leak fit.
  • Has two tube-anchoring options (clip and strap) that reliably keep the tube in place throughout the night
  • Integrated pressure measurement port
  • No disruptive drafts as exhaled air is directed away from the face; outlet gap is closed on patient side of system.
  • Ideal fit
  • Small and delicate, yet secure and stable
  • Made of skin-friendly silicone

Operating convenience

  • Different colors on the Velcro tabs (light blue on top, dark blue on the bottom) simplify handling of headgear
  • Pillows move separately
  • Crossband on headgear is adjustable
  • Three different sizes of pillows
  • Vertically adjustable forehead support for fast and simple mask fitting
  • Markings of adjustment range on forehead support
  • Ready for immediate use as everything is included in standard supply schedule
  • Small number of individual parts for ease of use
  • Mask is easier to put on and take off because headgear sits above ears
  • Wide range of replacement parts helps to reduce costs



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