Amico Equipment - Wall Outlets

      The Amico outlet continues to provide worry free and dependable service. Aesthetically pleasing in any patient room, this Chemetron connection Amico gas outlet provides a full color fascia for easy gas identification during those “critical” moments. Amico’s outlets exceed flow rate requirements set by NFPA/CSA. All outlets are 100% cleaned and tested in order to ensure quality and are backed by our industry leading 5 year Warranty. We also have other configurations available to match your requirements.

                        - Flow rate exceedsthe requirements of NFPA and CSA

                       - Accepts onlyChemetron gas specific adapters

                       - 100% Pressuretesting of each outlet and cleaned for medical gas service

                       - Indexed to eliminateinterchangeability of gas services

                       - Up to 1" (25mm)wall thickness adjustment)

                       - 360° Swivel InletPipe for easy installation

                       - Universal Rough-InAssembly to accept Quick Disconnects or DISS Front Adaptors (can be interchanged at any time)

                       - Outlets are alsoavailable for M.R.I. use

                       - Removable barrel



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