I need my sleep

Sleep is as important as food and drink. Only a regular sleep-wake cycle keeps us physically and mentally fit over the long term. But nowadays our hectic lifestyle and its pressure on us to perform hardly allow us to relax. Almost one adult in three complains of sleep disorders and some of them are affected by sleep apnea. Modern sleep research is deeply involved in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders and sleep apnea. Thousands of patients have already been helped. Once their sound sleep is restored, they feel like new. We hope that you will soon be one of them! Perhaps you’ve been snoring for many years and your partner is seriously worried about you. At night you stop breathing and the bedroom becomes absolutely quiet. Sometimes it lasts a few seconds, sometimes longer than a minute. Suddenly you wake with a start as your breathing begins again with an explosive snort. Your partner sits upright in bed, but you notice nothing of the nocturnal spectacle. That’s the way it goes throughout the whole night. . . . In the morning you feel tired and suffer from headaches or from tension in your shoulders and neck. During the day, you always feel tired and worn out and fall asleep at every opportunity. You can no longer keep up with the demands of the day. You have trouble concentrating and frequently lose your temper. Perhaps you have even had sexual difficulties of late. Have you also fallen asleep at the wheel? please download this paper to learn more about Sleep disorder.


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